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We have been working in PowerPoint for a few weeks and it is now time to put your creativity to the test, and show me what you really know. You will be able to use your knowledge of PowerPoint and all of the features we have learned in class, to complete the following assignment. 


Have you ever heard of “A is for ape…B is for bear…C is for cat?”  You and your partner will need to pick a topic of your choice and complete the ABC’s using PowerPoint. Follow the directions below:


  1. Get together with the partner you have been assigned to.


  1. Agree on a topic of your choice (school appropriate).


  1. Using PowerPoint, create 30 slides: A title slide, A summary slide, 28 letter slides (A à Z).


  1. Pick a background for your slides.

a.      Remember the proper “do’s and don’ts” for adding color and backgrounds that we have talked about.


  1. Each slide must contain the following:

a.      The corresponding letter of the alphabet

b.     A word that starts with the letter relating to your topic

c.      A picture of that word

d.      3-4 sentences or bullet points describing your word.


  1. Each slide must look completely different with placement of material.

a.      Be sure to use ‘slide layout’ for this part. You can also add text boxes and/or add graphs or charts.




  1. Each slide must have transitions and some type of animation on it.

a.      You may also add media clips or sound clips to your slides.


  1. When completed, you and your partner will present your “ABC” slide show to the class. Be prepared to discuss your topic and slides!


  1. Make sure to follow all directions and read over the rubric before submitting and presenting your assignment.


Have Fun and Be Creative! 































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