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Nicole Bucci

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Marketing Project 







All parts in the Marketing Mix are important. Not only do companies have to do research about new products, they must find ways to make potential customers aware of the products, price the products at the right price, and distribute the products to stores where their target market shops. Colors, logos, slogans, people, and many other factors are all an important part in the process.  Your goal:  If you could create a product that no one else had created already, what would it be? Think hard because the fun is about to begin.


Your Assignment:








  1. Create a product or service.  You may want to look at websites to get ideas. Also look into advice from professionals on possible products.
    1. What is your product/service?
    2. What is the name? Why did you name it this?
    3. What does it do?
    4. Why did you decide to pick this? Is it something people need?
    5. Are there different sizes/colors of it?
    6. Draw a picture or use clipart/paint to draw a picture of it.



  1. Who is your target market?
    1. Male/Female?
    2. Children/Teens/Adults?
    3. Certain occupation?
    4. Certain level of education?
    5. Certain type of lifestyle?
    6. Certain geographic region?
    7. Why did you choose this as your target market?



  1. Place:
    1. How is your product transported and distributed?

                                                              i.      Direct Channel of Distribution

                                                           ii.      Indirect Channel of Distribution

    1. Where can you buy your product?

                                                              i.      Online

                                                           ii.      In stores

                                                         iii.      What type of store?



  1. Price:
    1. How much does your product/service cost? Why did you choose this number?
    2. Are different sizes or amounts of your product/service different prices?
    3. Looking at similar products by different companies, is your price similar to theirs? Why did you make it so similar or so different?



  1. Promotion:  
    1. Where do you advertise? Why did you choose these as your forms of advertising?

                                                              i.      TV, Online, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards

                                                           ii.      Word of Mouth

    1. What type of package or container does your product come in? Does it stand out on the shelf or in a commercial?
    2. Do you offer coupons/discounts?

                                                              i.      When?

                                                           ii.      How often?

                                                         iii.      Where do you get them?

1.       Newspapers, Online, At the store

    1. Create a slogan. Make it catchy but short.
    2. Create a logo. Remember it is something people will remember. 





We have been working in Marketing long enough for you to put those thinking caps on!  Search the internet….use the different websites we have looked at in class.  Just think, think, think! 


You will be graded using the attached rubric. Be sure to read over it to make sure you hit upon all of the required areas. 





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